3 Capron Units For Sale

Capron Lofts Exterior

Dreaming of Downtown Living?

Have you ever dreamed of moving into a gorgeous downtown loft? They’re rarely available…

Act quick because with mortgage rates at historical lows, right now is a great time to buy and invest in the Washington Square Community. You may even be able to score a mortgage for less than you would pay to rent. Capron Lofts has 3 unique units on the market as we speak… check them out:

Capron Unit 203:

Listing: Website
Square Footage: 1,492
Offer Price: $349,500
Contact: Jason Coit, jcoit@frontiernet.net, 585-317-4401

Capron Unit 204:

Listing: Website
Square Footage: 1,306
Offer Price: $280,000
Contact: Carmala King, carmking@kw.com, 585-758-8346

Capron Unit 404:

Listing: Website
Square Footage: 1,306
Offer Price: $299,900
Contact: Richard Sarkis, 585-455-4504

This is Life in and Around Downtown:

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