Approved: “Washington Square” Mural

Viewing the Washington Square mural from above
The Lost Corridor II project, funded by a RACF NeighborGood Grant in 2020 and several donations of community partners, has been approved by the CIty of Rochester and the NYS Department of Transpotation. Work will begin the week of July 5th.

We're approved...

…by the City of Rochester and the NYS Department of Transportation that is, for our upcoming mural work. The “Washington Square” mural is funded, in part, by several community partners, and will begin this week (July 5th). 

This is Part II of a larger project called “The Lost Corridor”, a section of our neighborhood that sits across from the Roc City Skatepark at the corner of Capron Street and South Ave Extension. Part I started in 2016 when Shawn Dunwoody painted the “Be Stronger” mural under the 490 Overpass. The current mural will be executed by artist and musician, Brian K. of the famed FUA Krew. Brian’s work can be found on Facebook and Instagram searching #crukfua.  

It’s been quite a process getting to this point a year later than we planned for, as you may remember our Call for Artists last spring. The global pandemic turned everything upside down, rising costs, shrinking budgets, and all of the insurance woes, but we FINALLY prevailed on this project and got the green light.

We’re so excited to welcome Brian to the neighborhood and can’t wait to see the finished product. If you see him out there painting this week or next, say hello!

Many THANKS to our community partners who had a hand in this project including the Rochester Area Community Foundation’s NeighborGood Grant, Chris and Mark at PLAN Architectural Studio at 250 South Avenue, Jeremy and his lovely wife Diane, WSCA Board member Len Schloer, Capron neighbors Susan and Annette, and several others. We’d also like to give a shout-out to Paul Jordan and Team at Specialist Marketing Group for helping us make this happen. 

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