What good is an organization without any sort of VISION?

We’re glad you asked. The following is how we envision our future.

In 2018, the WSCA embarked on an ambitious project to re-energize the Washington Square and its surrounding areas. Key results of our community-centered mini-charrette are posted below. For more detailed slides and to read the finished report, you can visit our public documents available HERE.

*PLEASE NOTE: These are only ideas, NOT final plans. Many more public discussions need to take place to perfect our community VISION.

We started with the overall current usage and condition of the Washington Square.

We asked, “How can we engage the public and attract them into this space?”

Many ideas were suggested as to what improvements and amenities the Square could offer.

The design process even gave us a feel for how the Square could look at night.

Many THANKS to Our Partners: